Nissin Gives Manchester United the Anime Treatment in New Ad Campaign

By Frazer Jones
From Gatorade to McDonalds, partnerships between consumer brands and sports teams are a part of life. When those partnerships result in some excellent c...

From Gatorade to McDonald’s, partnerships between consumer brands and sports teams are a part of life. When those partnerships result in some excellent crossover advertising, it’s that much better.

Case in point: a new marketing campaign for Nissin, an official partner of soccer team Manchester United, to be used for Manchester United-branded Nissin products like Cup Noodle across several markets including Southeast Asia, Kenya, and Mexico. The campaign’s “Hungry to Win” TV spot reimagines Manchester United players Angel Di Maria, Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie in the distinctive anime style of designer and director Kazuto Nakazawa:  

If you’ve seen Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Volume 1, then you’ve seen Nakazawa’s work before (and if you haven't, maybe wait to watch this video until you get home unless your office is all right with bloody animated violence):

According to a press release from Manchester United, the ad debuted at an exclusive screening attended by the Manchester United first team along with Nissin Foods Holdings Co Ltd CSO Noritaka Ando, Manchester United Group managing director Richard Arnold, and Manchester United managing director Asia Pacific Jamie Reigle. Team officials also expressed excitement over the art (it’s the first time Manchester United players have ever been depicted in a Japanese anime style) and explained that Nissin’s campaign, which aims to inspire consumers to “rise to the challenge,” mirrors Manchester United’s own philosophy of being the best in all situations:

"Nissin's 'Hungry to win' is an inspirational campaign that we hope will encourage our fans to aspire to be the best in all they do, whether that's at sport, at school or everyday life," said [Manchester United Group managing director] Richard Arnold. "This call to action reflects Nissin's desire and drive to expand its global footprint, using its partnership with the club to further develop its consumer offering."

Whether or not it inspires consumers to reach for greatness in their day, it’s certainly a pretty cool, dynamic, and beautifully rendered piece of advertising.

[SOURCE: Manchester United via FoodBev]


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