Lightning Round: Doritos Locos, Alterna-Burgers, and the Return of Zima

By Frazer Jones
First things first: were barely out of the gate and Taco Bell is winning 2015 already. The offer of free Doritos Locos tacos with every order placed o...
  • First things first: we’re barely out of the gate and Taco Bell is winning 2015 already. The offer of free Doritos Locos tacos with every order placed on Taco Bell’s mobile ordering app through the month of January will do that. ~ TIME
  • Zima is finally back—in Japan, at least. That’s where the erstwhile malt beverage achieved a popularity it never managed to reach in the United States, and that’s where it is now being given a new lease on life. ~ Japan Times
  • With its new All-Natural Burger, Carl’s Jr/Hardees has officially become the first major fast food franchise company to offer a burger made from antibiotic-free, hormone-free, grass-fed, free range beef. It’s a bold move, but there’s certainly a market for it. Will consumers bite—and if they do, will it prompt other fast food chains to consider doing something similar? ~ Business Wire
  • Speaking of major fast food companies doing something revolutionary and modern, White Castle is also on board. The burger chain kicked off the New Year by appealing to vegetarians and vegans with the national launch of a new veggie slider option, made possible through a partnership with special diet brand Dr. Praeger’s. ~ Grub Street
  • After a tough year, Tesco was not able to end 2014 on a high note—according to UK source The Telegraph, Tesco along with peers like Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer faced sales downturns over the holiday season. ~ Telegraph
  • What is 2015 going to look like for Coca-Cola? Investing experts are predicting that the brand’s success could depend on the strength of its partnerships. ~ Seeking Alpha



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