Lightning Round: Nobody Here But Us Chickens

By Frazer Jones
Many consumers assume that, if a chicken in a supermarket is labeled “organic,” they can also assume that chicken was raised comfortably a...
  • Many consumers assume that, if a chicken in a supermarket is labeled “organic,” they can also assume that chicken was raised comfortably and humanely. As Civil Eats reports, that’s not always the case—but the National Organic Standards Board is aiming to change that by pushing proposals in the true spirit of organic farming toward the consideration of the USDA. ~ Civil Eats
  • More misconceptions about chicken—many consumers look out for eggs originating from “vegetarian fed hens,” assuming that hens raised on an organic vegetarian diet are healthier. But it is important to remember that, while humans can live comfortably and thrive on a vegetarian diet, not all animals are the same. Here the Washington Post examines the true (and sometimes bloody) ramifications of hens going meat and insect-free. ~ Washington Post
  • Time magazine tapped restaurateur and Chopped judge Scott Conant to taste test and review the new McDonald’s Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and his reaction is pretty priceless. Parting thought: “It’s a business.” ~ Time
  • Some things we learned from Vince Gilligan’s recent Reddit AMA: 1.) Sony might be bringing the fabled Pollos Hermanos to live as a real live fast food chain, and 2.) please stop throwing pizzas on Walter White’s roof already! ~ Flavorpill
  • Are you paying too little for chicken? Lucky Peach went in search of an expert who explained that, for the supply and labor costs associated with raising chickens, anything less than £10 (around $15) is probably not enough for quality. ~ Lucky Peach
  • How NOT to talk about complex social issues 101: do not try and tie situations like the Baltimore riots to the plight of chickens, as vegan advocacy group Vegan Revolution did in an excruciatingly ill-conceived tweet. ~ Eater National

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