Ingenio Risaralda: Sugarcane resources with added value

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Added Value: Diversification The competition in domestic and global markets with other Colombian sugar mills, were the main factors for Ingenio Risaral...

Added Value: Diversification

The competition in domestic and global markets with other Colombian sugar mills, were the main factors for Ingenio Risaralda’s evolution, from being a processor and provider of raw sugar cane, to become the first refinery to develop other business units.

   The company markets value-added products and today offers five varieties of sugar: brown, white, special white, refined and pulverized sugar.

    Ingenio Risaralda has an electricity generating station capable of producing 13.5 megawatts at a frequency of 60 Hertz, capable of auto-supply their operations and provide surplus to the national electricity system in Colombia. In addition, the company will open its new cogeneration power plant with a capacity of 33 MW.

   This is coupled with the aforementioned operation to produce ethanol for fuel by using all waste from the sugar mill. The compost is distributed through Kompostar trademarks and Nutrihumic.

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Compliance with Global Standards

In addition to various quality labels, Ingenio Risaralda has international certifications such as:

  • BASC: which ensures safe in international trade,
  • Certification Management System under the Food Safety Standard
  • International Food Safety System Certification 22000: which ensures that the sugar they produce is safe,
  • ISO / IEC 17025-2005 Laboratory Bio-distillery: which certifies the technical competence and reliability of the data issued by the laboratory for Ethyl Alcohol, enabling compliance with the requirements for marketing this type of renewable fuel.

Ingenio Risaralda has also received local awards by the Chamber of Commerce, Department of Pereira and local government agencies.

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Business and Community Partners

Ingenio Risaralda has increased its quality standards, which are being followed by their main suppliers: cane farmers. In partnership with organizations such as Cenicaña and FUNDEAGRO (the Foundation to improve the productivity of sugar cane). Additionally, they have released… Click here to continue this profile on FDF World.

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