Holding Tonicorp: perfecting food processes through collaboration

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With a new future in sight after Coca-Cola and Arca Continentals acquisition, the group pursues its short term goals flanked by its two new allies, deve...

With a new future in sight after Coca-Cola and Arca Continental’s acquisition, the group pursues its short term goals flanked by its two new allies, developing new products and raising the stock price of all involved. An example of this innovation is the entrance of Snacks into the Toni product line.

During an interview, the current CEO of Holding Tonicorp Jorge Medina, said: “Our commitment is to continue to invest to offer healthy foods for our consumer. Our greatest challenge is carrying that legacy of quality and to innovate brands for a family-friendly product.” Medina is an entrepreneur and finance specialist with more than ten years experience in the dairy industry.

Growing with the community

Holding Tonicorp has distinguished itself by being socially responsible in the communities where it operates. For 40 years they have grown close to the heart of Ecuador. This vision of setting out side by side with the consumer has been adopted by Coca-Cola and Arca Continental as part of their leadership missions.

“Tonicorp and its subsidiaries have persisted historically, they’ve aspired to be a leading company in innovation and high quality products, satisfying the needs of the consumers with the highest quality and benefit standards,” said Jose Luis Vivar, Holding Tornicorp CFO.

Vivar is part of the new administration brought in after the joint venture by Arca Continental and Coca-Cola. The financial director has more than 20 years of experience handling corporate finances and has formed part of the Coca-Cola family since 2001.

Coping with competition from its main Ecuadorean competitor, Unilever, the holding has consolidated its presence and relationship with the consumer with its various brands. All of the Holding Tonicorp companies are original to Ecuador, which means they have the local experience to differentiate them and win the domestic client’s loyalty.

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