DTS Food Laboratories: breaking down the science of food

By Frazer Jones
Nutritional values, pesticides, allergens, GMOs—people want to know whats in their food, and transparency in the food and beverage industry is mor...

Nutritional values, pesticides, allergens, GMOs—people want to know what’s in their food, and transparency in the food and beverage industry is more important today than ever before.

In 1954, DTS Food Laboratories(DTS) formed to lend its analysis expertise to Australia’s dairy industry. Over the years, the company has risen to national recognition as a trusted name in the marketplace, providing analysis and support to clientsincluding Murray Goulburn, Fonterra and Warrnambool Cheese & Butter, as well as Dairy Food Safety Victoria and authorities throughout New South Wales and Queensland. Maintaining continuous accreditation from the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) since 1961, DTS now services the needs of the wider food manufacturing industry as well.

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Client-driven investments

DTS maintains a strong investment program aiming to engage its clients and improve their experience,trimming turnaround times and adding to its range of capabilities.

“We’ve been gradually adding to the range of services that we provide to ensure that the companies are able to get their total needs met by a single company,” says Graeme Richardson, CEOat DTS. “We’ve been adding testing capabilities for those emerging issues such as pesticide residues, allergens, and recently identified bacterial species that can cause sickness or death.”

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In 2012, the company bought the cutting edge laboratory Food Allergen Control Training Analysis (FACTA), giving clients access to Australia’s leading analytic capabilities in the allergen field.To help clients make sense of these analytics, DTS has invested heavily in support services.

“We have built significant technical support that we can offer our clients,” says Richardson. “We have a philosophy that not only should we be able to do the testing, but we should also be able to provide technical advice to our clients to help them understand the results. It’s a total line of service.” CLICK HERE to continue this story at FDF World!


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