Craft brewer Scofflaw announces partnership with BrewDog USA

By Laura Mullan
Craft beer giant BrewDog has formed a one-year partnership with US brewer Scofflaw, that will see the pair collaborate on a new beer next year. The 12...

Craft beer giant BrewDog has formed a one-year partnership with US brewer Scofflaw, that will see the pair collaborate on a new beer next year.

The 12-month agreement will give Georgia-based brewer access to the brewing and canning operation at BrewDog USA’s headquarters near Columbus, Ohio.


Through the deal, Scofflaw will acquire exclusive access to BrewDog’s eco-friendly Ohio brewery, which will allow the company to expand the production of its canned beer for distribution in Georgia.

The agreement was reached by James Watt, co-founder and CEO at BrewDog, and Matt Shirah, co-founder and president of Scofflaw.

Scofflaw Brewmaster Travis Herman and Tim Hawn, the recently named COO for BrewDog USA, will operate the brewing.

The move comes as the third expansion for Scofflaw as the brewer recently announced an expansion that will increase its capacity to 30,000 barrels annually at its Atlanta brewery.

“James and Tim have offered us a bridge, one that will allow us to radically improve our canning capacity and capabilities,” said Scofflaw co-founder Matt Shirah.

“We can, no pun intended, continue to produce beer and simultaneously build out our third expansion. We are also working to develop our own, more sophisticated Atlanta-based canning operation.

“Our current draft production facility and tasting room will stay in place and where it belongs, on Atlanta’s Westside,” he added.

Meanwhile, the deal will allow BrewDog to utilise its excess brewing capacity as it builds its US market reach. 

BrewDog announced its plans to launch stateside in 2015, starting with the construction of a 100,000 square-foot, 42-acre brewery in Columbus, Ohio.

Since then, the Scottish brewer has made a series of political publicity stunts aimed at the US market.

Earlier this year, BrewDog launched a protest beer which called out Donald Trump and the US government’s lukewarm attitude to climate change.

BrewDog and Scofflaw also said that the partnership will involve additional projects, including a collaboration beer. 



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