Lightning Round: Pumpkin Spice and Turkey Talk

By Frazer Jones
We could use some great turkey stories now that were in the run-up to Thanksgiving. Mashable has a great compilation of strange stories from Butterbal...
  • We could use some great turkey stories now that we’re in the run-up to Thanksgiving. Mashable has a great compilation of strange stories from Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line. ~ Mashable
  • We are SO not on board with this ranking of Starbucks holiday drinks by the crew at HuffPo. The Chestnut Praline Latte is love. The Chestnut Praline Latte is life. We would also do unspeakable things to bring back the Toffee Nut Latte. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. ~ Huffington Post
  • How did McDonald’s conquer India? Pretty much the same way that Burger King is attempting to now: localization, localization, localization. ~ BBC
  • Have you been thinking about becoming a fast food franchisee? The first thing you need is enough capital to make it happen and—as this breakdown of the cost to start up your own McDonald’s franchise shows—franchising isn’t something you can just leap into without building up some considerable capital first. ~ Business Insider
  • Cascadian Farm isn’t the only entity worried about the future of bees and the agriculture world’s other natural pollinators. During a recent pollinator health listening session held by the USDA and EPA, the Natural Resources Defense Council produced more than 140,000 petition signatures supporting restrictions on the use of pesticides containing the potentially harmful glyphosate. ~ NRDC Switchboard
  • Coca-Cola is widening its distribution net, thanks to a new deal that acquires control of Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution LLC’s greater Chicago territories from former owner Reyes Holdings LLC. ~ Atlanta Business Chronicle
  • We already reported on Starbucks bringing wireless charging to select stores, and now it’s finally happening. Starbucks has also found a way to monetize the service: if you want to skip the hassle of borrowing a ring adapter from your location, you can always buy your own directly from Starbucks for $9.99. ~ Grub Street
  • First it was real junk food, now it’s mental junk food: Tesco has pledged to stop displaying tabloid covers in an effort to protect children from seeing inappropriate images. ~ Telegraph
  • Tom Bene of Sysco has been appointed to a new role as Executive Vice President of Foodservice Operations, a role that takes effect on January 1, 2015. ~ Globe Newswire
  • Finally, according to new data, the Greek Yogurt train is finally slowing down. ~ Food Navigator

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