Lightning Round: Luxury Water, Mobile Charging, and Leftovers

By Frazer Jones
Could artisanal water be the next craft craze? Were not so sure at this point, but if drinking water becomes a scarcer commodity it could be pushed fu...
  • Could artisanal water be the next craft craze? We’re not so sure at this point, but if drinking water becomes a scarcer commodity it could be pushed further into a category as a sought after luxury item. Judging by its 44-page water menu, Ray’s & Stark Bar at the LA Museum of Art is getting a head start on this potential trend. ~ Raw Story
  • Will Starbucks wireless mobile charging system help bring the technology to the mainstream? It’s a real possibility that the success of this new feature could push other chains to follow suit. ~ TweakTown
  • From the creation of your Thanksgiving feast to the slow chipping away of your leftovers, food safety is always vital. This week Food Safety News offered good tips on making sure you’re keeping your Thanksgiving leftovers safe and free from food-borne pathogens. ~ Food Safety News
  • Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola Sabco, and SABMiller are joining forces through a combined regional bottling operation that could expand the reach of both businesses further throughout Southern and Eastern Africa. ~ Wall Street Journal
  • The convenience and novelty of fast food is helping the sector gain some serious traction among Saudi consumers right now. ~ Al Arabiya
  • In especially strange news, a design firm has launched a crowdfunding proposal on Indiegogo seeking to build a McDonald’s inside of a church. The “McMass Project” aims to keep churches current and entice potential churchgoers back to the congregation through the power of burgers and fries. While the fundraiser seems earnest, there’s no indication that McDonald’s itself is on board. ~ Uproxx

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