May 17, 2020

Deliveroo targets drink-led venues in new trial

Laura Mullan
2 min
By allowing customers to get takeaways delivered to the pub, drink-led established hope that customers won't have to go elsewhere to get food which will promote more alcohol sales. 
Delivery company Deliveroo hasstarted working with UKpubs and bars to delivertakeaways to drink-led venues.

The takeaway delivery giant already offers...

Delivery company Deliveroo has started working with UK pubs and bars to deliver takeaways to drink-led venues. 

The takeaway delivery giant already offers delivery services to restaurants, but now it is teaming up with 20 UK pubs and bars which don’t have their own kitchens or menus.

In their latest trial, customers can order Deliveroo to drink-led venues and won't have to go elsewhere for food. 


Through the move, Deliveroo hopes to target a new market segment whilst drink-led venues hope to encourage foot traffic and promote alcohol sales. 

Some of the first venues to take up the service include The Shed in Leicester, Puzzles? Bar in Peterborough and the Belleville Brewing Company and Mondo Brewing Company in London.

If the trial is successful, Deliveroo may expand the service in 2018. 

“We've set up some great partnerships with several pubs and bars across the UK, offering the establishments access to Deliveroo branded items to help prompt visitors to order some delicious food to enjoy with their pint,” a Deliveroo spokesperson said.

The trial comes shortly after the delivery giant announced that it had raised a further US$98mn from investors, bringing its fundraising total to US$482mn. 

Valued at more than US$2bn, Deliveroo will soon operate in 200 cities when it launches in Cannes, France in the next few weeks. 

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