[VIDEO] Watch Campbell Soup Co's Integrated Marketing VP Yin Rani Talk Shop

By Frazer Jones
Its always great and insightful to listen to an expert in his or her field discussing their role and life in the business. Today, as part of the Campbel...

It’s always great and insightful to listen to an expert in his or her field discussing their role and life in the business. Today, as part of the Campbell Soup Company’s Camp Campbell – a program founded by Campbell CEO Denise Morrison and dedicated to mentoring and boosting the careers of young female leaders and entrepreneurs in the food industry – Campbell Soup Company’s VP of Integrated Marketing and Camp Campbell mentor Yin Rani checked in to a live Google Hangouts session to discuss the finer points of her career journey and what it means to be a working woman in the marketing world today.

Although Rani has only been with Campbell Soup Company since January, she has roughly two decades of experience in the ad agency world to draw from (including time with Universal McCann overseeing the agency’s North America operations). In the Q-and-A session, moderated by Purpose Generation co-founder Alexandra Douwes, Rani discusses a variety of topics including:

  • The three career features that led her from the agencies to a client-side position: “a people-first culture… an organization where I can truly make a difference… my commitment to this notion of integrated marketing.”
  • How to maintain a fulfilling work-life balance: “Maybe it’s less about balance and more about integration. I think everyone finds their personal recipe of what works for them, and it helps if you love both sides of the equation. I love what I do, I love my family, I love my child, and I think the thing that really helps me is just to be present – to make the time wherever you’re at, to be really present in that moment and, when you have that limited time with your family or your child, to really make it count.”
  • How Campbell’s is approaching user generated content: “I think we always want to be respectful, because I always think of social media as a real conversation. Nobody wants someone to come to a party and say ‘look at me, buy this!’… How do we best participate with our created content versus other people’s content that uses our products – it’s a big question for us right now.”


That’s just within the first fifteen minutes. Check out the rest of the video for more insights on topics like targeting the Millennial generation, deciding on which platforms to roll out targeted marketing content, the difference between agency marketing and client-side marketing and more. It’s a bit of a long watch, but for young people in or around the marketing business it's worth the investment.


[SOURCE: Youtube via Campbell Soup Company]


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