Catalina and Label Insight partner up to offer marketing based on dietary needs

By Laura Mullan
Catalina and Label Insight are joining forces to create a data solution which helps brands better understand, influence and reach customers who make pur...

Catalina and Label Insight are joining forces to create a data solution which helps brands better understand, influence and reach customers who make purchases based on dietary needs, such as gluten-free, nut-free and high-protein diets. 

The service will also provide data for those looking for clean labels and sustainable company practices.  


This solution utilises Catalina's ability to reach over 280 million US shoppers based on their purchasing history and integrates it with capabilities from Label Insight's database and analytics on more than 80% of food, pet, and personal care items sold in U.S. stores.  

"Brands with very specific product benefits, gluten-free for example, require precise targeting to efficiently reach and convert their desired shoppers,” Todd Morris, President of Catalina's Go-to-Market organization said. 

"Catalina is partnering with Label Insight to use these product attributes to enhance our dataset and further increase our ability to target shoppers who are currently buying - or have shown intent to buy - in these emerging categories. Catalina offers the only purchase-based targeting solution with this capability."

Working alongside big names such as Kellogg, Betty Crocker, and Pepsi, Catalina is a personalised digital media company that uses consumer purchases data to target shoppers on a personal base.

Label Insight is a SaaS company that provides insight on food label data to government, retailers, manufacturers and app developers.

The company, whose clients have included food and beverage giants such as Unilever, Ben & Jerry's, Lipton and Hellman’s,  notes that its technology helped the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) build the sector’s very first scientifically accurate database of food ingredients, health attributes and claims.

"Consumers are demanding more transparency around the products they buy," said  Paul Schaut, CEO of Label Insight.

"This partnership combines our product transparency solution with Catalina’s shopper intelligence, enabling personalized marketing that efficiently matches the right shoppers to the right products." 
This partnership could be promising as markets such as the gluten-free and allergen-free market are seen as major areas for growth in the food industry today. 

It is thought that connecting these products to consumers who are seeking them out will be mutually beneficial for manufacturers and retailers alike. 



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