Sysco Announces Leadership Upon US Foods Merger Completion

By Frazer Jones
The merger between Sysco and US Foods may still be in the works, with the Federal Trade Commission still engaged in an extensive review to ensure that a...

The merger between Sysco and US Foods may still be in the works, with the Federal Trade Commission still engaged in an extensive review to ensure that antitrust laws aren’t broken and that everything is on the up-and-up. But that hasn’t stopped Sysco and US Foods from planning for the merger and everything that comes after. This week Sysco released a statement announcing its plan for the top executive team that will lead the company after its merger with US Foods is complete.

According to the statement, Bill DeLaney will remain President and CEO of Sysco, a role that he has retained since 2010. The new Sysco-US Foods executive team will report to DeLaney, but many within this new leadership team will be familiar with this procedure as longtime Sysco executive employees:


  • Tom Bené (2013): domestic and international operations
  • Scott Charlton (2013): end-to-end supply chain operations (warehousing, inbound and outbound transportation, replenishment, etc)
  • Chris Kreidler (2009): finance, investor relations, and Sysco-US Foods integration
  • Russell Libby (2007): corporate affairs (legal, government relations and communications, business development, enterprise risk management, compliance, corporate social responsibility, and workplace safety)
  • Paul Moskowitz (2011): human resources
  • Wayne Shurts (2012): business technology, including internal systems and customer-facing business solutions


Other members of the new executive team are bringing their expertise from the US Foods side of the merger:


  • Pietro Satriano (2011) merchandising and marketing, product development and innovation, food safety, and quality assurance
  • Stuart Schuette: sales and establishment of a strategy to transition and integrate US Foods' customer base


“Each of these individuals brings to the job a wealth of customer focus, personal commitment, industry knowledge and professional expertise,” says DeLaney in regards to this anticipated corporate structure. “I look forward to working with this senior team upon completion of the merger as we continue to pursue being our customers' most valued and trusted business partner.”

Now all that needs to happen is for the merger to follow through, an action that is expected to happen by the end of the calendar year. 


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