Tender matches tasty recipes with Tinder technology

By Frazer Jones
Whether youre on the market or not, every Millennial is well familiar with the ubiquitous dating app Tinder. But sometimes youre not looking for a dinne...

Whether you’re on the market or not, every Millennial is well familiar with the ubiquitous dating app Tinder. But sometimes you’re not looking for a dinner date or a parade of pretty faces to swipe through—sometimes you’re just hungry, and you don’t feel like going out and spending a fortune to do so. Enter Tender, a new app picking up a lot of press for the way that it combines familiar Tinder-esque swiping technology with recipes to inspire users to resist the take-out urge and try cooking at home.

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The free app, marketed under the tagline “Tinder for food,” was created by a group of three friends and former College of Charleston students who discussed reasoning behind the project with Boston.com:

“As a twenty-something, we are all constantly combating the impulse to just eat-out or pick something up,” co-founder Jordan Homan tells Boston.com. “But Tender gets you psyched about the prospect of making food, and it makes it easy to do so.”


The basic mechanic of the app is the same as Tinder and available for iPhone and Android. One by one, tantalizing food porn images appear on the screen of your smartphone—from there, users can choose to swipe right to collect and save a coveted recipe or swipe left to toss an unappealing option away. Filters are in place so that users can tailor their searches to drinks, desserts, meats or vegetarian and vegan options as their hearts desire—and plans are in place to further refine the app with nutritional info and searches by meal type.

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It’s a smart app that takes a clever idea—let’s be budget conscious and cook more—and meets Millennials where they are with the tech they’re used to. With gorgeous photo after photo of banana puddings and stone fruit cakes giving way to hearty curries and stews, one can fall into a swiping trance just as easily as if it were a parade of pretty faces. But with Tender, there’s no potential for awkward conversations or heartbreak down the line—just tasty grilled cheese sandwiches and cakes that are all yours to devour.


[SOURCE: Yahoo; People]


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