The most-chosen FMCG brands in the UK and abroad

By Laura Mullan
Coca-Cola, Maggi, and Lay’s are some of the most popular FMCG brands worldwide, according to the  Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint, howe...

Coca-Cola, Maggi, and Lay’s are some of the most popular FMCG brands worldwide, according to the  Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint, however, local brands are continuing to steal a bigger market share.

Coca-Cola topped the ranking for the sixth year running, remaining the world’s most chosen brand. The beverage giant's products were picked from the shelves 5.8bn times last year. 

Meanwhile, Maggi was the fastest-growing Top 50 brand in the report, seeing a 14% growth in Consumer Research Points (CRPs). These Consumer Reach Points (CRPs) form the basis of the ranking.


The food and beverage industry has seen a trend whereby local players have increasingly won a greater market share from their global competitors and the report highlights that this still rings true today. 

Local brands took 64.6% of all brand spend, meanwhile global’ brands took a 35.4% share.

“The battle for consumer supremacy between local and global brands also rages on,” Kantar Worldwide's CEO Josep Montserrat said in the report. 

“They are fighting to find more shoppers, and to develop the relationship those people have with their brands—and they can win by leveraging their messages, their brand purpose, their availability, and their product or service’s superior performance. 

In the UK, Warburton’s remained the UK’s most chosen brand overall, being picked off supermarket shelves 544mn times last year. 

The British baking firm’s products were bought 23 times a year on average, making it the nation’s most frequently purchased brand. 

Heinz was the second most popular brand in the UK, chosen 365 million times during the year. 

Meanwhile, the two fastest CRP growers were McVitie’s and Cadbury Dairy Milk, with both brands being chosen 3% more times than the previous year.

Speaking of the results, James Turton, General Manager of the McVitie's Business Unit at pladis UK & Ireland, said: “McVitie’s has been baking biscuits for consumers for 125 years in the UK, and we’re delighted that so many shoppers continue to choose our snacks in supermarket aisles,”

“As the number one brand in the category, we’re committed to ensuring that McVitie’s remains relevant to today’s ever-changing consumers, through both, our loved-brands and our new innovation.”


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