Frito-Lay Launches Doritos Roulette for Consumers Who Want to Live Dangerously

By Frazer Jones
PepsiCos own Frito-Lay brand knows that consumers want to live on the edge sometimes – theres a reason why they offer flavors like Fiery Habanero...

PepsiCo’s own Frito-Lay brand knows that consumers want to live on the edge sometimes – there’s a reason why they offer flavors like Fiery Habanero Doritos and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos along and “Test Flavor 855” along with the Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch basics. Now Doritos Roulette, the newest launch from Frito-Lay’s Canada division, is apparently upping the ante and letting consumers rope their friends and loved ones into their desire for a little bit of heat and danger.

According to reports, the new Doritos Roulette offers a bag of Doritos that is made of 75 percent regular garden variety Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos chips, and 25 percent intensely spicy Doritos chips that some early taste testers have compared to taking shots of hot sauce. But through marvels of modern chip engineering, 100 percent of the chips look exactly alike in terms of color and texture, meaning that – as you probably could have guessed from the name – you never know which one you’re going to get. It’s a formula that has worked spectacularly for hot wing restaurants, gamifying and injecting a little anticipatory excitement into the snacking experience.

Released in June, the chips are already causing an internet trend in their native Canada with consumers spreading the word by posting about their wins and losses on social media. Now, the only goal should be getting Doritos Roulette launched everywhere – or at least throughout North America. How can any mischievous consumer resist adding a bag to the snack table at the next party they attend?




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