Revolutionising Snacking: KP Snacks' Sustainable Makeover

International food giant KP Snacks is shaking up its packaging to go greener, reducing environmental impact without compromising on taste

KP Snacks, part of the Intersnack Group, is a powerhouse in the snacking scene. From nuts to popcorn, they're a go-to for snack lovers nationwide. 

But with great snacking comes great responsibility, and KP Snacks is taking that seriously. Since 2014, they've been on a mission to cut down on packaging, slashing plastic usage by 15% and removing a whopping 1,100 tonnes of plastic from their snack brands.

“Protecting the environment is one of the core pillars of our People and Planet programme, and we are committed to taking a responsible and proactive approach to safeguarding nature,” says John Leslie, Packaging Technology Manager at KP Snacks. 

“We remain focused on reducing both our plastic packaging and carbon emissions in any way that we can.”

Sustainable Snacking, Sorted

The latest move? KP Snacks is doubling down on sustainable packaging innovation. They're investing in flow wrap equipment to trim plastic usage across three popular brands: Discos, Roysters, and Frisps. By embracing this technology, they're slashing plastic packaging by a whopping 35% for six packs. That's a saving of around 100 tonnes of packaging every year!

This eco-friendly revamp isn't just good for the planet; it's streamlining their supply chain too. By cutting down on packaging, KP Snacks is reducing the need for 620 lorry journeys annually. That's a win-win for both nature and efficiency.

Looking ahead, KP Snacks has some ambitious targets in sight for 2025:

  • Minimising plastic packaging across their entire portfolio
  • Striving for 100% recyclable packaging (already over 90% is recyclable in UK supermarkets)
  • Partnering with the Flexible Plastics Fund to boost recycling infrastructure
  • Incorporating recycled content into their packaging as it becomes commercially viable

And they're not compromising on quality or affordability. KP Snacks' sustainability goals run alongside their commitment to top-notch food and value for their loyal snackers.


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