Drink Articles

JDE Peet’s new sustainable paper beverage packaging

Tea and coffee giants JDE Peet’s have announced a new sustainable paper packaging for its soluble coffee, reducing carbon footprint and promoting reuse

Sustainability venture capital fund founded by Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola and bottling partners have launched a US$137.7m fund to invest in sustainability, focusses include facility decarbonisation, and supply chain

American Beverage claim aspartame is safe in response to WHO

American Beverage reassures consumers that aspartame is safe, in response to the WHO cancer risk declaration, with support of food regulatory committees

AB InBev invest US$34.4m in no-alcohol brewing technology

Being one of the top producers of 0.0% alcoholic beers, AB InBev is furthering its investment in the beverages with US$34.4m spent on brewing technology

Australian Gov awards US$1.9m to advance ‘NoLo’ research

Australian Federal Government awards US$1.9m as part of CRC-P to Australian Vintage to advance research into NoLo (no and low) alcohol beverages

WHO warns: Aspartame Diet Coke sweetener may cause cancer

Aspartame, a common sweetener used in diet drinks, has been declared a possible cancer risk by the WHO, sparking debates across food and beverage sectors

Debra Crew: Diageo's First Female CEO

Following the passing of Sir Ivan Menezes, British multinational alcoholic beverage company - Diageo - appoints its first female CEO, Debra Crew


Absolut joins the sustainable drink trend with paper bottle

Sustainability is driving brand changes at Absolut as the drinks brand focuses on delivering new designs and a sustainable paper-based recyclable packaging