Starbucks is Rolling Out Coconut Milk Nationwide

By Frazer Jones
If dietary reasons or personal reasons find you unable or unwilling to consume standard milk, chances are youre going to choose soy milk as an alternati...

If dietary reasons or personal reasons find you unable or unwilling to consume standard milk, chances are you’re going to choose soy milk as an alternative—not because you necessarily like soy milk best, but because it’s the only alternative option available at most restaurants and coffee shops. But that’s finally changing. Late last year, Dunkin Donuts added almond milk to its roster of coffee personalization options. Now Starbucks is following suit with a nationwide rollout of coconut milk.

Starbucks started testing coconut milk in select markets around the same time that Dunkin Donuts introduced its almond milk option, noting that consumers had been asking for a non-dairy and non-soy option by the thousands. According to reports from the internet, test runs in Ohio, Oregon, and California were overwhelmingly successful:

Redditors/Starbucks fanatics in Portland, OR — one of the test markets — confirmed that customers were clamoring for the stuff, with one reporting that their suburban store was going through "three or four cartons" of coconut milk per day. 


That passion is being rewarded, because according to insider reports, coconut milk at Starbucks will be going live in a widespread capacity starting on February 17:

At this point, it’s hardly a secret that coconut milk will be nationally available in the U.S. beginning the 17th of this month. If you look at Instagram (using hashtags like #tobeapartner) you’ll find these green boxes of coconut milk popping up everywhere. It’s in stores now for partners (Starbucks calls their employees ‘partners’) to try, however will not be available for customers until the 17th.


It’s awfully exciting news for vegan and lactose-intolerant Starbucks fans alike who just want some more options for enjoying a Frappuccino. It’s also a sign that alternative milk options are becoming increasingly mainstream and are here to stay.


[SOURCE: Starbucks Melody via Eater National]


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