Starbucks is Gearing Up for Record Gift Card Purchases on Christmas Eve

By Frazer Jones
When in doubt, give a gift card. Thats the spirit that has made gifts like Starbucks Cards such a hot seller around the holidays for years. After all, w...

When in doubt, give a gift card. That’s the spirit that has made gifts like Starbucks Cards such a hot seller around the holidays for years. After all, who can’t use a little bit of free money—especially gift card money that expressly must be used on an indulgent little treat for yourself like a chestnut praline latte?

Of course that’s the spirit that also makes gift cards the kind of gift that’s usually purchased at the very last minute—but that just means that the highest sales for gift cards are yet to come, most often purchased on the actual night before Christmas. According to QSR Magazine, Starbucks in particular sold more than 2 million gift cards in the United States and Canada on Christmas Eve last year, and the coffee chain is gearing up to break a new record with even more gift card sales this year.

Starbucks is attributing much of that to its recently beefed up gift card collection—according to the report, the Starbucks Card Collection now boasts over a hundred different designs, making them feel more personalized and appealing as a gift option:

“More so than ever before, we have an unprecedented variety of Starbucks Cards available to our customers—ranging from the premium Sterling Silver Starbucks Card all the way through monogrammed cards, which can be purchased for $5,” says Ryan Records, vice president of Starbucks Card. “One in every eight American adults received a Starbucks Card last holiday season, and we’re well on track for another record performance in Starbucks Card sales, as we celebrate our 14th year of offering Starbucks Cards.” 


That limited edition Sterling Silver Starbucks Card is in a class all its own, a keychain made of engraved 925 sterling silver that also happens to be a fully functioning Starbucks Card for making purchases and collecting rewards points. Sure it’s $200, but $50 of that is preloaded onto the card—it may be a niche gift, but it’s definitely a gif that will appeal to a certain demographic (especially among consumers who already have Starbucks Rewards gold cards). It’s a smart tactic in providing a range of gift cards that feel more like real thoughtful gifts than the afterthought connotation often associated with gift cards.

As the days continue to count down, consumers are going to have to buckle down and make their final gift-buying decisions. When they do: Starbucks will be ready.


[SOURCE: QSR Magazine]


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