Retail Articles

Food retail store Tesco launches zero-waste trial

Supermarket chain Tesco is to trial its zero-waste shopping service at 10 food retail stores, with help from reusable platform Loop


Morrisons partners with Nestle in sustainability scheme

Morrisons will work with Nestle to implement a sustainability initiative that will see more packaging items recycled in its stores

Lidl Ireland joins Australia in reverse vending machine plan

Reverse vending machines exchange containers for vouchers. Food retailer Lidl Ireland has started the scheme, joining Australia and preceding the UK


M&S Expresses Concerns Over New EU Import Regulation

With shortages already threatening the industry, food retailer Marks and Spencer writes to UK and EU bodies expressing concerns over food import regulation


What is the Lidl Deposit Return Scheme in Ireland?

We take a look at Lidl’s Deposit Return Scheme and the effect it will have on the recycling of cans and plastic bottles in Ireland

Food retailers M&S and Morrisons give staff extra day off

After a difficult year on the frontlines of Covid-19, food retail staff at M&S and Morrisons supermarkets can enjoy an additional day off at Christmas

Electronic shelf labels embraced by food retailers

The electronic shelf label market generated US$800mn in revenue in 2020 in North America, while European food retailers make up the fastest growing market


M&S Launches Food Product Range for Global Distribution

Paul Friston and Mark Callaghan comment on the M&S and British Corner Shop partnership for global distribution of food products