May 17, 2020

Jumeirah Restaurant Group is to go entirely plastic-free

Jumeirah Restaurant Group
Middle East
Laura Mullan
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Timed to coincide with ‘International Companies That Care Day’, Jumeirah Group also announced a ‘plastic amnesty’ on March 18th.
As the war against plastics heats up, Jumeirah Restaurant Group has said that it willgo entirely plastic-free as of March 18th.

The Middle Eastern comp...

As the war against plastics heats up, Jumeirah Restaurant Group has said that it will go entirely plastic-free as of March 18th.

The Middle Eastern company, which includes brands such as the Noodle House, Perchic, Pai Thai and Tattoria Toscana, said that it will implement a company-wide ban on single-use plastic straws, swizzle sticks, stirrers and toothpicks across all its food and beverage outlets.

“It is more important than ever that brands take responsibility for their part in creating a better world, and we are committed to phasing out plastic from all our operations as quickly as we can,” says Emma Banks, General Manager of Jumeirah Restaurant Group.

“Removing plastic across our entire operation will see us playing our part in reducing the volume that is out there significantly damaging our environment and wildlife, which is something that must be taken into account all over the world.”


Timed to coincide with ‘International Companies That Care Day’, Jumeirah Group also announced a ‘plastic amnesty’ on March 18th.

This means that any customers dining at a branch of The Noodle House who bring unwanted plastic cutlery with them will receive a 50 per cent discount off their total food bill. However the offer will not apply to the outlet at Dubai International Airport.

The Noodle House, Flow in Emirates Towers,  and Madinat-located Pierchic have already announced the removal of plastic straws and cutlery across both restaurants and home delivery services.

This latest effort by the Dubai-based company will see that its other eateries, including Al Nafoorah, Pai Thai, Perry & Blackwelder’s, Trattoria Toscana, Segreto and The Agency are replacing all plastic with eco-friendly alternatives.

The sustainability efforts comes as a string of food and beverage outlets have highlighted the issue of non-biodegradable single use plastics and the threat it poses to the environment.

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Jul 15, 2021

Deliveroo boss, Will Shu, goes undercover as food courier

Helen Adams
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The millionaire Deliveroo founder posed as a delivery man in London, to see how the business operates on the ground

The co-founder of Deliveroo, Will Shu, has taken a humble approach to leading the company, by delivering food to customers himself to find out what his employees deal with. On one recent trip, he noted how restaurant staff were ‘rude’ to him when he pointed out that the food he was due to deliver was cold.

Co-founder Will Shu is based in London. The University of Pennsylvania graduate hatched Deliveroo in 2012, with the target of getting local restaurant meals to hungry people quickly. The company has a revenue of £476m. 


Please tell your staff to smile, says Deliveroo boss

The Deliveroo app allows users to order takeaway food, which is then delivered by independent food couriers, often cyclists in weather-proof backpackers, to a house, place of work or even a public location. The company is now active in 12 countries and has helped many through the stress of the pandemic by delivering delicious meals to the doorstep. 

Shu has chosen to do several undercover rounds and he told The Diary of a CEO podcast that on one delivery in Notting Hill, he was rudley disregarded by the staff of an eatery where he collected the food. 

“I did five deliveries last night in Notting Hill. I’m not like a celebrity so no one recognises me. Then I got the food and it was kind of cold, and I’m like ‘hey, you know this food’s kind of cold’ and they were like ‘just deliver it buddy.”

Shu refused to name the location but said he would tell their bosses about the incident. 

“We need to figure out a way to get this to work. Please tell your staff just smile, say ‘hey, how are you doing’. It makes a big difference in people’s days.”


Deliveroo set to expand its business with new tech roles

Deliveroo has recently announced that it will create 400 high-skilled tech jobs, to support its rapid growth and to help restaurants improve efficiency.

The company is seeking to hire across a range of skill sets including software engineers, product managers, user researchers, designers, and even data scientists.


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