Coca-Cola FEMSA launches new facilities in Brazil and Colombia

By Frazer Jones
Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB (FEMSA) is growing quickly throughout South America and Latin America. While its retail division is massive in Colombia a...

Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB (FEMSA) is growing quickly throughout South America and Latin America. While its retail division is massive in Colombia and Mexico and aiming to expand north into the United States, its Coca-Cola FEMSA division—which holds the distinction of being the world’s largest bottling franchise of Coca-Cola products—is investing in Colombia and Brazil. According to a new press statement from the Mexico-based business, Coca-Cola FEMSA has launched two new high-tech bottling facilities in Itabirito, Brazil and Tocancipa, Colombia.

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The $500 million investment includes $258 million toward the Itabirito plant, which boasts production capacity of 370 million unit cases, in addition to $219 million toward the Tocancipa plant with a capacity of 130 million unit cases. While the Brazil plant is expected to generate up to 600 direct and indirect jobs, the Colombia plant is expected to generate up to 450. In other words,

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"Through these investments, we reaffirm our commitment with the continuous generation of economic, social and environmental value in Brazil and Colombia," said John Santa Maria, Chief executive Officer of Coca-Cola FEMSA, in a press release from Coca-Cola FEMSA. “With the help and support of the authorities and communities where we have built these state-of-the-art plants, our team's hard work and commitment has made it possible to equip these facilities with the most advanced technology available in the beverage industry in order to implement the most innovative and sustainable production processes.”

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In addition, Santa Maria explained that these regions represent a key part of Coca-Cola FEMSA’s growth strategy. “Going forward, we are certain that Colombia and Brazil represent a solid investment platform, with attractive growth potential and an opportunity to better serve 119 million consumers in these two countries,” he said.

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[SOURCE: Marketwatch]


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