Pizza Pizza donates $250,000 toward new Toronto Zoo Wildlife Health Centre

By Frazer Jones
Perhaps its because were entering the summer months, but charity and partnerships and good causes seem to be in the air today. Pizza Pizza is a chain th...

Perhaps it’s because we’re entering the summer months, but charity and partnerships and good causes seem to be in the air today. Pizza Pizza is a chain that puts a high priority on social responsibility—the popular Toronto-based pizza franchise promotes sustainability, supports multiple community initiatives and fundraising events in the provinces it serves, and has raised $1.3 million for children’s charities through its own Slices for Smiles Foundation. This month the pizza chain has turned its charitable spirit toward the Toronto Zoo, donating $250,000 toward a new Wildlife Health Centre facility.

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"Giving back to the communities we serve is an important part of Pizza Pizza's culture," said Paul Goddard, President and CEO of Pizza Pizza Limited, in a press release issued by the pizza chain. "The Toronto Zoo is a special part of our community and the new Wildlife Health Centre is an initiative that we are proud to support. Our investment in the WHC helps to ensure the zoo can provide top notch health care for animals and support those who care for them."

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The Toronto Zoo is a major conservation and education-focused attraction within the city, bringing in approximately 1.3 million visitors each year. Pizza Pizza’s contribution benefits the completion of a new Wildlife Health Centre facility within the zoo, replacing the original facility which opened in 1974. According to reports, the new centre will be comprised of a fully-functioning animal hospital including an operating room, x-ray suite, and laboratory, plus reproductive research laboratories, multi-purpose animal holding areas, and a quarantine wing. In keeping with both the Toronto Zoo and Pizza Pizza’s sustainability missions, the new facility is being built with sustainable materials and green construction techniques; once complete, the facility aims to further the zoo’s ability to give its animals the best care possible.

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“On behalf of the Toronto Zoo Board of Management, staff, volunteers and 5,000 animals, I want to thank Pizza Pizza for their ongoing support over the years and for their significant financial contribution to this project,” John Tracogna, Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Zoo, added to the press release.  “We have had a long-standing relationship with Pizza Pizza and their donation towards this critical project will have a direct impact on our continued efforts to ensure the ongoing survival of many of the worlds’ most vulnerable and endangered species.”

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