HERO Certified Burgers: Taking the Next Step

By Frazer Jones
In 2003, John Lettieri set out to offer the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) a better choice of burger. Since then, HERO Certified Burgers has been building a...

In 2003, John Lettieri set out to offer the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) a better choice of burger. Since then, HERO Certified Burgers has been building a strong base of fans supporting the family-owned chain and its dedication to community and sustainable quality burgers made with 100 per cent Canadian beef. Now the chain is ready for even further growth, taking its mission throughout Canada and beyond.

Mindful Growth

At its heart, HERO Certified Burgers is a proud regional brand representing the GTA—and while regional brand is ready to grow, it’s a mindful and deliberate growth that will ensure the HERO brand stays on target.

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“We’re definitely strong as a regional brand in the GTA, and we focus within that,” said Lettieri, HERO Founder and President. “We’re working on growth in territories outside of Toronto, like London and Ottawa, but we want to keep our growth close to home.”

Still the brand is taking steps forward to increase its footprint in a major way through international growth, including significant progress within the United States. “We’ve embarked on a year-long project of registering our trademark worldwide and in the United States, and we are doing our first couple of stores in Buffalo this year,” said Lettieri, noting that those initial Buffalo stores could launch as early as HERO’s Q3-Q4 of this fiscal year.

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The brand’s choice to expand in Buffalo—just over an hour outside of Toronto—still fits in with HERO’s commitment to mindful regional growth. “Being within one to two hours, between response and travel time, allows us to service our future territories and developers properly and efficiently,” said Lettieri. “So that’s the key thing: servicing our territories.”

Full Traceability from Day One

Location is a priority, now more than ever… To learn more about traceability and sustainability efforts at HERO Certified Burgers, click here to read the rest of this article on FDF World.

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