Top 10 food news sites

Here's our pick of the top 10 news sites for food - cheers!

Food - a subject of great interest to every reader on the planet. But where to go for reliable news?

There are a huge assortment of social media platforms dedicated to wholesome food news, but here’s our pick of the top 10 news channels covering the food and drink sectors. Dig in...


  1. Food Digital

Welcome! Yes, that’s us! We’re not just snacking on biscuits back here at Food Digital, we’re tucking into the latest developments in food franchises, new moves in the hospitality sector, quirky hotel innovations, food retail shake ups, food packaging progress and restaurant evolutions. 

We cover daily news stories and our first magazine is coming out in December.

Food Digital 


  1. Food Manufacturer 

From confectionery to food produce, Food Manufacturer has something for every reader, including a jobs section.
The site has one of the largest audiences from any online platform covering the UK food and drink manufacturing industry - updated with daily stories as well as additional analysis and research pieces.

Nothing goes on in the industry which escapes a mention in Food Manufacturer. 

Food Manufacturer 


  1. Plant Based News 

The plant based movement has expanded over the pandemic period, as the origins of Coronavirus have put many off the consumption of animal meat, even if prepared in highly sanitary conditions. 

Plant Based News includes health and lifestyle segments for those whose dietary habits extend beyond the kitchen (there’s even a shoe section).

For news, the site covers science, tech and mythbusting. 

Plant Based News


  1. Farming UK

Despite new food trends, eating meat remains popular and Farming UK has got it covered. 

Uptodate details on age-old subjects such as beekeeping and husbandry are included, as well as the contentious opinions and interviews around Brexit and staff shortages.

There’s also subsections for courses, properties and jobs. 

Farming UK


  1. Food Tech Connect

Another more contemporary food trend is food technology. The intersection between modern tech and food consumed from the beginning of time is fascinating and Food Tech Connect is all over it.  

From agriculture news to distribution evolution, Food Tech Connect includes conquering food waste and resources for funding and Covid-19.

Food Tech Connect


  1. Successful Farming

Another popular resource for farmers, Successful Farming keeps those in the industry up to speed with news concerning crops, livestock, machinery and technology. Speculations on future weather conditions and market analysis also feature. 

There is also a subsection for Women in Agriculture and a much needed farm humour bar. 

Successful Farming


  1. Live Kindly

The vegan food news site Live Kindly promises readers ‘Kindness is simple’ and balances news from food businesses and the latest innovations with personal healthcare in regards to food and drink. 

Nutritional advice and recipes, including watermelon steak and mojito popsicles, are also covered. 

Live Kindly


  1. Food Drive

Food Drive focuses heavily on health, such as food safety and alternative protein options. 

Vertical farming is also often covered, as well as the newest biotech innovations and more mundane subjects such as manufacturing, packaging and ingredients.

Food Drive


  1. Food Business News

An all-rounder, Food Business News provides readers with an in-depth look at the newest food products on the market and recent news from the food and drink industry.

White papers are also published and there is also a store.

The latest in e-commerce and the ever-expanding alternative protein market is explored, along with news form suppliers and retailers. 

Food Business News


  1. Food & Drink News 

Recipes, reviews and news - this news site does what it says on the lid.

Global news is featured, from fruit production in Thailand to carbon neutral packaging, broken up into ‘Random’ and ‘Recent’.

Those in the food and drinks sectors will find themselves uptodate and aware - and a little bit peckish.

Food & Drink News



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