Nestlé: breakthrough innovative tech for sugar reduction

Multinational Swiss food and drink company - Nestlé - has developed breakthrough innovative technology to reduce

Both versatile and cost-effective, Nestlé has developed a breakthrough sugar reduction technology that can be applied across different product categories. The technology can not only be used to reduce sugar in products but can produce low lactose and skimmed milk-based products too. 

So how does it work?

Using an enzymatic process, the technology reduces the intrinsic sugar in ingredients such as malt, milk, and fruit juices by up to 30% while maintaining a minimal impact to taste and texture. 

The sugar-reduced ingredients can then be used in recipes for a variety of products. With this approach, Nestlé can reduce its need for adding sweeteners or bulking agents to replace the volume of the eliminated sugar. When applied to milk-based products, the technology can also increase prebiotic fibres. Clinical studies for these fibres indicate that they support the growth of multiple beneficial bacteria that lead to a favourable microbiome composition in healthy adults.  

“Sugar reduction across our portfolio remains a top priority. This new technology is a true breakthrough, as we can reduce sugar without adding sweeteners while preserving a great taste, all at a minimal cost increase. In addition, our scientists discovered that sugar reduction generates prebiotic fibres that support the microbiome, which is an additional benefit. We are now accelerating the global roll-out across formats and categories,” said Stefan Palzer, Chief Technology Officer, Nestlé.  

The first pilot of the sugar reduction technology

First piloted in cocoa and malt-based, ready-to-drink beverages in Southeast Asia over the past year, Nestlé has introduced the technology into its factory lines for cocoa and malt-based powdered beverages across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. 

Since 2021, the technology has been applied to more than 200,000 tonnes of cocoa and malt-based beverages and continues to be rolled out among other product categories. 

Nestlé is committed to improving its nutritional value

These latest technology developments form part of Nestlé’s wide strategy to continuously improve the nutritional value of its products while supporting responsible consumption as part of a balanced diet. 

In collaboration with external innovators, Nestlé’s new sugar reduction technology complements its wider range of existing solutions including natural sweeteners and sweetness-enhancing or bitterness-masking flavours, as well as natural bulking agents. 


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