Mondelēz to use 100% sustainable wheat in UK products with Harmony programme

By Olivia Minnock
Well-known snack producer Mondelēz, which manufactures biscuits for the popular brands Oreo, Ritz, Cadbury and Belvita, has increased its pledge toward...

Well-known snack producer Mondelēz, which manufactures biscuits for the popular brands Oreo, Ritz, Cadbury and Belvita, has increased its pledge toward sustainable sourcing of its ingredients.

The company has stated it will use 100% sustainable wheat on all products produced in the UK by 2022. Last year, about 60% of wheat used within the company’s European production was sustainable, amounting to around 160,500 tonnes. By 2022, this should increase to about 254,000 tonnes to cover all the biscuits Mondelēz produces as part of its European portfolio.

The pledge comes as part of the Harmony programme and means wheat must be products under the Harmony charter’s sustainable conditions which include water conservation, promotion of biodiversity, soil care and carbon emissions reduction. 

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The Harmony Programme was set up in France 10 years ago and has led to a 20% reduction in pesticide use in Harmony fields between 2009 and 2016. According to Food Manufacture, it includes 1,700 farmers, 13 millers and 21 cooperatives are involved in the Harmony programme across Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland and Spain. The programme, which “champions biodiversity and good environmental practices in wheat production”, was formulated by NGOs, agronomists, environmental specialists and research organisations.

Mondelēz’ Executive Vice President, Hubert Webber, stated in a press release: “European consumers increasingly equate high-quality products with sustainable production. They’re aware of the impact of their food choices on the environment and have high expectations of manufacturers to take their share of responsibility.”

He added: “As Europe’s largest biscuit baker, we can play a role in tackling challenges like climate change and resource shortages by promoting sustainable farming practices and improving biodiversity in our supply chain.”

Romeo Lacerda, president of biscuits at Mondelēz Europe, stated of Harmony: “It’s a movement that connects everyone involved in our supply chain with others seeking to increase the positive impact we can make on our environment and biodiversity.”

You can read more about Mondelēz in the May issue of Business Chief Asia.





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