Israeli foodtech company Cannibble in Canadian export deal

By Helen Adams
Cannibble reached a new agreement with one of the leading Canadian cannabis companies to deliver new a line of CBD based shakes

Israeli Foodtech start up, Cannibble FoodTech Ltd, has reached an agreement to develop a new line of CBD infused shakes with one of Canada's leading Cannabis companies.

Cannibble will develop for the Canadian company a line of CBD infused shakes with new and unique flavors. Once the product development is completed, the Canadian company will start selling and marketing them in Canada, alongside the USA, the biggest cannabis market worldwide.

The cannabis edibles market is the most booming segment of the recreational cannabis market. As non-smoking products, they are a preferred smoking replacement for some consumers. Edibles are addressing 100% of consumers of all legal ages, rather than smoking, which covers 20-25 % of users. 

According to market research report by Zion Market Research: "The global cannabis edibles market was valued at approximately USD 2.376 billion in 2018 and is expected to generate around USD 11.564 billion by 2025".

A historic Israeli food tech company

Cannibble develops and manufactures powdered food and beverage mix products that are enhanced variously with hemp seeds, hemp protein, CBD, and THC - where legal to do so. 

Cannibble Food-Tech has more than 35 years experience in food developing, manufacturing and global distribution and 7 years' experience with the Pharma-grade and Recreational Cannabis markets. The products are infused with Cannabinoids with a controlled and measured dosage according to global and local Cannabis regulations.


Hot or cold, instant or baked Cannibble products

Products include:

  • Powders for making shakes or beverages, hot or cold
  • For athletes, hemp protein shake mixes with CBD
  • Powders for microwave or oven making instant, muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, etc. with or without hemp protein
  • Spices for Pizza, Steaks, Chicken and Salads
  • Microwave instant popcorn mix.


"The quality of products and manufacturing technique have been tested by the Canadian company and set some challenges for unique developments of products and flavors”, Elad Barkan, Cannibble CTO. “The initial reaction we received from this new client was very favourable."

Cannibble has also recently completed the development of a new line of beverages created with ingredients from the hemp plant, which is enriched with quality protein and omega 3, 6 and 9.

The company expects that in the near future the new line of products will be launched and will start selling in a variety of retail stores in the US and online platforms, said Yoav Bar Joseph Cannibble CEO.


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