CAPSA FOOD uses cloud-based order management solution to cut order processing time by 75 percent

By Polly Coleman
Esker (a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing) announced recently that its working with CAPSA FOOD...

Esker (a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing) announced recently that it’s working with CAPSA FOOD (a leading Spanish milk and dairy company) to automate its sales order process.

Esker’s order processing automation solution has enabled CAPSA FOOD to process orders 75 percent faster and (as a result) the company can now deliver 100 percent of its products on time. Following a successful collaboration with Esker to automate faxing and SMS text messages as a cloud service, CAPSA FOOD turned to Esker to automate its sales orders and benefit from faster processing, reduced errors and greater customer satisfaction.

CAPSA FOOD receives more than 2,500 monthly email orders, distributed among its consumer and food service sales channels. In the past, the customer service team regularly had to make at least two manual changes to each order, often related to product codes, units of measure or multiple delivery addresses for the same customer. In just six months following solution implementation, nearly 80 percent of orders no longer require any manual intervention thanks to the new technology.

Orders that were previously processed manually are received by email (usually as a PDF attachment, Word or Excel document, and sometimes even in the body of the email message) and integrated with CAPSA FOOD’s SAP® system. With the ability to process orders faster, CAPSA FOOD is now able to deliver its products throughout Spain while respecting its service-level agreements.

Gervasio Prieto (Sales Director at CAPSA FOOD) commented: “Initially, we automated faxing and the sending of text messages with Esker, which resulted in improved supplier relationships. Today, we are able to reduce our customer response times as well. Thanks to Esker, we have eliminated the complexity in receiving thousands of orders in different formats, all with unique specificities for each customer.”


Improved customer satisfaction

In order to improve order processing time and reliability, Esker identifies and auto-learns items ordered by a customer and associates them to corresponding product codes; it then manages orders according to brand and region. Esker automatically adds or corrects the units of measure and is also capable of automatically generating document templates for regular customer orders for faster data capture. The solution is also able to regroup large global orders from central purchasing organizations by delivery address. This helps reduce errors and ensures the timely delivery of ordered products.

As part of its ongoing work with Esker, CAPSA FOOD plans to extend the solution to automate the processing of promotional invoices.


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