The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Diabetes UK partner with Tesco

By Catherine Sturman
The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Diabetes UK have teamed up with supermarket giant Tesco in order to support healthier living and pr...

The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Diabetes UK have teamed up with supermarket giant Tesco in order to support healthier living and promote healthy eating. The five-year partnership, “Little helps for healthier living,” will bring on board expertise from all four companies in order to lower the risks of diabetes, cancer and heart conditions, such as cardiovascular disease.

The partnership expands on Tesco’s continued drive to promote healthier living and cut down on promoting sugary treats within its stores and transformed its brand products to lower sugar, salt and fat contents. Additionally, the company will develop its workplace health program for its employees.

Through the partnership, Tesco will provide anonymised information surrounding consumer buying in order to provide new product offerings and information in order to promote healthier living. These findings will be openly shared with the UK health community to accelerate continued progress towards national and international healthcare goals.

“This is a unique partnership, which will bring together the skills and expertise of the UK’s leading health charities and the UK’s leading food retailer to help tackle the biggest health challenges facing the nation,” explained Dave Lewis, Chief Executive of Tesco.

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“Together with the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, and Diabetes UK, we want to help people take small steps on their own terms to develop healthier habits. It’s about unlocking the energy, expertise and reach of our different organisations to develop little helps that make healthy differences across the whole country.”

Diabetes is on the rise both in the UK and the US, where tech companies and developing new products and solutions to support the everyday management of the condition for this growing market. The number of cardiac related deaths has also risen in the last 10 years, where rich food diets are a contributing factor.

“This unique partnership has the potential to significantly lower the risk of some of the UK’s deadliest diseases,” commented Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation.

“Working together, we can create initiatives that inspire people to take steps to change their behaviour. Measuring the impact of these initiatives could also pave the way for new and innovative strategies for empowering staff and communities to take control of their health in ways that can be adopted across the country.”



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