Poland proposes ban on sale of energy drinks to minors

Poland’s sports minister has presented a bill that would ban the sale of energy drinks to under-18-year-olds from 2024.

Poland’s sports minister has presented a bill that would ban the sale of energy drinks to under-18-year-olds from 2024. 

“A litre bottle costing a few zlotys at a discount store provides as much caffeine as 6-8 cups of black coffee. While we cannot imagine a child drinking a litre of coffee during a break, an energy drink is a bit like a drug wrapped in candy,” sport and tourism minister Kamil Bortniczuk told the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

Bortniczuk, who is a member of junior coalition partner the Republicans (Republikanie), hopes for the bill to be passed before the end of the current parliamentary term in the autumn.

Poland's new proposed bill

Under the proposed law, the ban would apply to the sale of beverages containing more than 150mg/l of caffeine or taurine to persons under the age of 18, except for beverages in which these ingredients occur naturally. It would outlaw selling energy drinks on the premises of educational establishments and in vending machines.

The bill also asks for penalties to be imposed on sellers who break the ban. 

For breaches of the ban on advertising energy drinks, fines would range from 10,000 zloty to as much as half a million zloty, the bill reads. Advertisers could also face prison sentences.

The bill will be considered Polish parliament in the coming weeks. 


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