Coffee-flavoured Coca-Cola is coming to Australia

By Laura Mullan
For many, coffee is an integral part of their morning ritual. Others rely on it as a well-needed pick me up throughout the day. CocaCola Company Austra...

For many, coffee is an integral part of their morning ritual. Others rely on it as a well-needed pick me up throughout the day.

CocaCola Company Australia is hoping to offer a new caffeine alternative with the launch of its latest flavour - Coca-Cola plus Coffee No Sugar.



The limited edition drink will combine the traditional taste of Coke with a “dash of real coffee from Brazil” and “subtle caramel undertones.

'Australians have a love affair with coffee so we thought why not give them more of what they want – the great taste of Coca-Cola with a dash of real coffee from Brazil,' said Coca-Cola Australia spokeswoman Lisa Winn.

The limited edition “world first” exclusive is launching first in Australia ahead of the country's summer, following the hype from Coca-Cola Ginger, which was released same time last year.

“Coke Ginger was a huge success in Australia and it was inspired by the simple insight that Australians enjoy the taste of ginger drinks.

The launch of the new Coke Plus Coffee follows a similar path to market – we know Australians love their coffee,” Ms Winn said.

The Coca-Cola company hopes that the new line will be a popular alternative to the second cup of coffee in the afternoon as the new drink contains less caffeine than a regular cappuccino, but slightly more than the standard Coca-Cola.

Even those who are watching their waistlines can enjoy the drink, says the company, as the new flavour is sugar-free.

The move comes as consumers are increasingly turning away from sugary drinks in favour of high-end coffee or healthier alternatives.

The new line with added sugar was first trialled around vending machines in Japan, however, Australians will be the first to experience the sugar-free version.

The interesting flavour combination is already creating a stir on social media. Some are keen to try it, but others are wary of how it will taste.


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