Aquablu Provides Sustainable Drinking Water Innovation

The Dutch company Aquablu is setting a precedent for organisations to provide safe drinking water, excluding the use of harmful plastic water bottles

The Dutch sustainable drinking water startup, Aquablu has developed and launched smart water taps to be implemented in supermarkets and offices across Europe. The company’s premiere ‘refill station’ will be accessible to the Dutch retail chain, Jumbo, and will premiere in their Amsterdam store in the next week. 

The UK is also set to receive the technology, as stated by the company, to the UKTN. Within the coming months, we can expect to see developments on this as Marnix Stokvis, Co-Founder of Aquablu, says, we are planning to launch the smart water dispensers in the UK beginning Q1 2022.” 

The Story Behind Aquablu

The company offers an innovative solution to eliminating the use of harmful contaminants in drinking water. It provides a decentralised water filtration system that uses intelligent water purification technology, coupled with smart technology, to eliminate the presence of bacteria, metals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and microplastics in drinking water. 

The two founders of the company, Marnix Stokvis and Marc Van Zuylen, gained inspiration for their products from personal experiences involving clean water shortage. Now the pair are committed to providing various solutions to encourage a decentralised approach to water purification.


Applying Smart Technology Supports A Healthy Future

The Aquablu product line serves as an example of how smart technology can improve the future. The machine is used to treat water through supreme osmosis - removing any harmful substances - followed by the addition of necessary minerals to rebalance the water’s nutritional content. 

The smart technology in Aquablu’s products allows individuals and companies - depending on the application - to monitor the quality of the water. This means the purification technology can be installed in any part of the world while retaining the same finished water quality and taste. 

Supporting Waste Reduction

Aquablu shows a prime example of how product development can be innovative and support global environmental targets. The implementation of the water purification system will allow retailers - in Europe and soon to be in the UK - to minimise the sale of single-use plastics. 

“We have the ambition to save 1 billion plastic bottles of water worldwide before 2030. A number that represents more than 80,000 tonnes of CO2 savings and [...] 1 billion litres of water made available in developing countries through our litre for a litre campaign. I call that a win-win-win,” says Van Zuylen.

Aquablu has also joined forces with a leading coffee supplier, MAAS Coffee, to expand the choice of healthy and sustainable beverages.


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