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Written by:  Rebecca Castrejon, Editor

Produced by: Taybele Piven, Operations Director of LATAM Proyects at WDM Group

Interviewee: Arturo Belmar, CEO of Grupo Empresarial CHAMA


CHAMA: A World of Businesses Surrounding Dairy

"We differ in service and quality," says Belmar, since the raw materials they use in all product lines are of the highest quality and satisfy the most demanding palates, even in the gourmet industry.

Their fresh cheeses have won consumers and gained brand followers for Del Abuelo and Fiumicino. These dairy products retain an appetizing taste because they are only available in the market a maximum of 24 hours after being produced.

CHAMA has a distribution center with a delivery route that provides goods to traditional stores, centers, groceries and creameries throughout the retail market. Their gourmet line is now in major supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.

New Product Lines

Additionally, in the second half of 2014 they are looking to launch new products aimed at children, redesigning their presentations to suit the market with the inclusion of an important personality for kids.

International Presence

The group seeks a strong national distribution by increasing market penetration in some areas in México. In the following years they will add distribution centers to broaden their presence in the territory and to prepare outlets for future distribution in the United States and Latin America.

"We will focus on our national expansion and exports to North American markets," says Belmar.

Manufacturing Implementations

In addition to their traditional mechanized processes, the group has sought improvements in the production of goods; such is the case with their containers and packaging, which are constantly being updated to provide a better presentation to the consumer's table.

Featured Employees

CHAMA Business Group has fostered the ongoing development of its employees, not only within the company, but also in the field of education by providing support and encouragement in their personal and professional life.

"The development of people and the technical growth of staff members is the foundation of our corporate growth," says Belmar.

Responsible Activities

One of the group’s priorities is to comply with all environmental regulations, waste and pollutants. They are still working on their energy consumption plan and will eventually include an alternative source.

CHAMA promotes sports and education in rural areas by sponsoring sports leagues and cultural activities.

"We live very committed to all the communities where we are, with all of our customers and suppliers. Even though there have been instances of slowdown, we have not reduced a single job because we are convinced that we have a social responsibility to them and the day the market reacts, then we will grow with all the people who supported us," says Belmar.


Suppliers are critical in the manufacturing process of high quality products. Furthermore the group has created strong ties among their providers and continues to form strategic partnerships for a mutual development in both Mexico and abroad.

"Our economic growth wouldn’t be reachable without the support and synergy achieved with our suppliers," says Belmar.

A Look Into the Future

In the first half of 2015, the group expects a sustainable period, followed by growth and the expansion of their new product lines, projects and distribution channels. This growth will continue throughout 2016.

Between 2017 and 2019, the company is looking towards moderate growth in the domestic market and a more substantial economic increase due to exports.

"Our plan is to continue to innovate in this time of climate change, to emerge stronger and with significant inertia when the industry reacts," says Arturo Belmar, CEO of Grupo Empresarial CHAMA.

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