[VIDEO] This New Social App Wants to Streamline the Way You Do Business

By Frazer Jones
The foodservice industry is a massive one, sprawling across varied sectors from agriculture and manufacturing to logistics and retail. Whether a busines...

The foodservice industry is a massive one, sprawling across varied sectors from agriculture and manufacturing to logistics and retail. Whether a business is vertically integrated or one piece of a puzzle comprised of suppliers and transporters, retailers and restaurants, effective and efficient communication is absolutely critical to ensuring that products are fresh and high quality by the time they reach consumers.

The key to thriving in this sprawling landscape is by bridging gaps and making strong connections between teams, regional divisions, suppliers and other allies. The only problem with communication as we know it today is so much back-and-forth today is done across an array of communication platforms, getting in the way of both efficiency and traceability. With traceability becoming an increasingly important function in the food and beverage sectors, and efficiency a time-tested priority, streamlining the communication process is paramount.

Enter businessfriend: the new desktop and mobile app, launched at CES 2015 in Las Vegas this January, aims to condense communication functionalities into a single service and streamline the networking process for a broad field of businesses including those in the foodservice industry.

“On any given day, the typical young professional can have as many as five platforms open to get them through their day,” said Glen White, Founder and CEO of businessfriend. “We offer one complete forum that enables constant connectivity for optimal business communications. One mobile app, one desktop, any device—no more juggling apps.”

With video chat, VoIP calling, and text chat functions, the app promotes connectivity anywhere at any time. When paired with document sharing capabilities, 2GB of free cloud storage, and the app’s Digidex™ contact management system, the app offers vital capabilities whether your business works on a local or global scale. From executives sharing documents with team leaders across regions, to entrepreneurs and restaurant chain owners seeking out connections and opportunities to take their businesses to new markets—businessfriend aims to do it all.  

“Businessfriend is a great platform to use for small restaurant owners to large chain restaurants or franchises,” says Leslie Nash, VP of Marketing Communications at businessfriend. “Any time team collaboration is necessary, such as sharing schedules and changes to recipe and list exchanging video conferencing about productivity and profitability—businessfriend is the best way to consolidate all of your communication into one place.”

“Businessfriend is an ideal tool for the restaurant and beverage industry,” adds Freddie Pierce, Co-Founder of the app. “From mom and pop shops to international franchises, business owners can correspond with their virtual teams and managers, and can handle HR documentation, protocol changes and scheduling all through the Cloud. We look forward to providing value to the industry through consolidating communications.” 


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