Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo DCR, S.A.

Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo DCR, S.A.

Celebrating 95 Years of Smiles...

Pozuelo-Nutresa: Uniting Forces

"We have the support of the name Pozuelo, a company that has been around for their consumers and their clients for more than 95 years," said Juan Felipe Macia, CEO of Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo. Macia has a career of 15 years with Grupo Nutresa, working primarily in international roles. In February 2014, he took over the post of CEO and is now responsible for the operations of all Pozuelo brands in Central America.

    Pozuelo, now part of Grupo Empresarial Nutresa, has expanded its services for the Group's regional portfolio, with the inclusion of a distribution route and increased commercialization efforts in the region.



  1. Pozuelo has 95 years of experience in the region.
  2. Certifications that exemplify the highest quality standards and safety procedures in the manufacturing plant.
  3. Strategic alliances with other Grupo Nutresa companies.
  4. The continuous innovation of a brand with a great history within the Central American market, and that will reach new generations of consumers through both their classic and new product lines.
  5. Product availability through a global distribution network.
  6. More than 1,400 direct employees, whose primary commitment is to the progress of the company.
  7. Sustainable growth and community efforts.


The 95-year celebration of the history of Pozuelo marks a very special date. The company recalls its most important milestones since its founding in 1919, including their expansion to various countries of Latin America. It is certainly a story that incorporates strategic business development within the life of the regional consumer.

   "On behalf of all the employees who are part of Pozuelo, I deeply express my gratitude to all of those who through the years have made ​​it possible for our company to consolidate and celebrate 95 years of operations," the CEO said.  


Growth Allies

Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo has a large number of partnerships with suppliers, customers and companies in the industry, which have played a key role in the success of Pozuelo. Furthermore, the company has been further strengthened by these synergies following its association with Grupo Nutresa, which helped by streamlining logistics in different territories. An example of this union is the supporting commercialization and distribution of sister companies such as Compañía Nacional de Chocolates from Costa Rica, Colcafé from Colombia and Tresmontes Lucchetti from Chile.

   "We serve more than 145,000 customers throughout the region and there is an opportunity for synergies on several fronts," Macia said.

    The company has increased sales by expanding their client base per the inclusion of chain stores, both traditional and modern, and with their incorporation to new markets such as Panama.

   "A large number of raw material, packaging and even service suppliers have accompanied us throughout our history. They have been our partners in the growth of our business by strengthening distribution channels," Macia said.


Thriving as a Multi-Latina Company

By having their headquarters in Costa Rica, Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo seeks to consolidate exports in Central America; their natural market.

    "We are leaders in the business of pastries in Central America, this gives us great strength not only in Costa Rica but also in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama," Macía said.

    Pozuelo currently has a presence in 18 countries in Central America, and is growing as a multi-Latin American company. They are currently studying international markets from the distribution and commercial front, such as the United States, where the Chiky brand has a high penetration rate. In the Caribbean they are amplifying their business in food chains across Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. And in South America the company is exploring opportunities in Colombia.


A Look into the Future

Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo will continue to follow the vision and entrepreneurship of Grupo Nutresa. By 2020, after celebrating one hundred years in the market, they expect to reach a revenue close to five billion dollars.

  "We are very grateful to our customers, clients, suppliers, employees, strategic partners and the whole community, because each of them has contributed directly and indirectly in the development of the company, not only in Costa Rica, but also in the whole region," concluded Macia.


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