Altamar Foods Corp.

Altamar Foods Corp.

From the Ocean to your Table...

Written by: Mateo Rafael Tablado


The Beginning of a Global Brand

Shortly after the company was created, Altamar Foods became a supplier to retail chains such as CATIVEN, Madeiran and Makro, and expanded its services to hospitals, restaurants and the military, among other clients.

    With the growth of the company, imports to Venezuela also increased, mainly because other suppliers hardly satisfied the demand for fish and other seafood related products. It was then that Altamar Foods turned to Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Surinam to bring marine products and meet the needs of Venezuelan customers.

    When the political conditions in Venezuela changed due to devaluations, the company moved to Peru and established a central office to export more products to the United States and around the world.


Technology and Training

Altamar Food’s dedication in providing the best possible sea products manifests in its constant renewal of fishing fleet and giving employees the most modern equipment to optimize productivity.

    Another important factor they enforce is the freezing process handled with global standards and from which they have industrial certifications. The process starts in the fishing boat, continues in transportation by land and finalizes in processing plants.


Increasing Productivity and Sustainability

Altamar Foods has taken a giant step by investing US $25 million in a processing plant located in the city of Piura, Peru. The new plant will be completely automated with a minimal margin of error, thus delivering a reliable product.

    "We have a projected growth of 1,000 percent due to the size, freezing capacity, storage and amount of technology integrated in the plant," Pescatore said.

    One of the most important features in the plant is the use of resources; the company uses LED lights in most areas.

    "Altamar Foods depends on renewable resources," Pescatore said.

    Additionally, the company has two water treatment plants (for sanitary and industrial waste, and the treatment of third-party water), which produce potable quality water for use in irrigation systems.


Partners and Suppliers in all Processes

Altamar Foods maintains strong relationships with its logistical suppliers, providing the best equipment to the fishermen that travel to catch quality ingredients, and investing with large corporations in developments such as the construction of their new plant in Peru.


Projections Based on Exports

Altamar Foods believes that there are still many countries left to be explored and marketed to. The goals for the company in the next five years are high according to the future demands of the population, and the productivity and development of their new plant in Peru.


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