May 21, 2020

Nayuki Plans to Expand into the US and Japan

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SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nayuki, a leading new-style tea brand based in China, has unveiled plans to open its first store in the two countries in 2020, with the hiring process well underway.

Nayuki has established nearly 400 stores in China and three in Singapore, with supreme fresh fruit tea series becoming a new trendy beverage among its customers. Following waves made by its innovative formula featuring the freshly made tea blended with fruit, cream cheese and toppings, the brand hopes to bring new tea drinks and fun experiences to tea lovers across the world.

Chinese new-style tea has brought tea beverages to a new level among new generations of drinkers. Made famous by its groundbreaking brewing techniques and creative original formula, new-style tea drinks from Nayuki have quickly become sought-after beverages.

"With our commitment to becoming an innovator and purveyor of Chinese tea culture, we hope to deliver our unique and exceptional tea experience to the world. To achieve this goal, we have established tea fields where tea is cultivated under strict conditions from cultivation to processing", said Peng Xin, Founder of Nayuki.

"Our specialized team has visited prominent tea-growing regions across Asia to select premium tea leaves for every cup we brew, making sure each customer can enjoy high-quality tea-drinks at great value", she added.

In recent years, China's distinctive tea culture has been transformed by new-style tea franchises backed by multi-billion-dollar investments. Valued at 6 billion yuan, Nayuki became the first unicorn in the new tea industry after receiving a multi-hundred million RMB in Series A plus fund from TianTu Capital in 2018.

Nayuki has revolutionized the tea-drinking lifestyle by combining fruit-based cheese teas and its soft-euro bakes, widely popularized by the brand among young customers in China. Nayuki combines the European baking method of using less oil, less sugar and less salt. Deliciously soft with a chewy center wrapped in crisp outer layers, Nayuki's soft bread deliver buttery aroma, well-balanced nutrition and taste that pair perfectly with a cup of cream-topped fruit tea.

In November 2019, the Company opened its largest shop, Nayuki's Dream Factory, to the public. Located in Shenzhen, the shop covers 11,000 square feet of retail space and offers customers the ultimate immersive in-store experience. Visitors can see, hear and learn about the extraordinary innovations of Nayuki's teas while enjoying a unique menu of handcrafted teas, coffees, cocktails, baked goods, desserts and more exclusive to the store.

About Nayuki

Nayuki, the leading Chinese new-style tea brand, with its fruit-based cheese teas and soft-euro bakes, is dedicated to bringing new taste sensations to tea aficionados around the world. Growing rapidly with nearly 400 stores ranging from 1200 up to 11,000 square feet in prime locations across China, Nayuki has elevated the tea-drinking lifestyle to the next level with its innovations.

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