Mar 24, 2018

Oracle founder Larry Ellison launches a new health and wellness company

Catherine Sturman
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It has been revealed tha...

It has been revealed that Oracle founder Larry Ellison is set to follow suit and enter the health and wellness industry.

Ellison has launched wellness company Sensei, will be located on his private island in Hawaii. The company will drive consumer engagement and support consumers to live healthier, more sustainable lives.

Developed with renowned GP David Argus, and company President Dan Gruneberg, the trio will begin by focusing on utilising the land, cultivating organic produce and implementing hydroponic farms to enhance the concentration of nutrients within each vegetable.

“From Black Trifele tomatoes to Komatsuna mustard greens, our modern farms grow food with a focus on nutrition and flavour,” the company has stated.

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“Our varietals are curated from around the world and we use original seeds, so our foods are nourishing and just as nature intended.”

Focused on sustainability, the farms will harness solar power in a partnership with Tesla to reduce water consumption and the use of harmful chemicals.

Whilst Ellison owns two Four Seasons Resorts in the country, all food produced will support these businesses, as well as restaurants and retailers under the company brand Sensei Farms.

All food produced will also not be exported by will remain on Lanai where the company is based, which will provide a significant economic boost within the country.

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