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Massimiliano Martino


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Massimiliano Martino is a charismatic Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who serves All4Labels by advocating for sustainability through empowering, developing and protecting communities, preserving the environment, and creating new products and production processes that minimise the impact on the environment. He is responsible for Safety, Health, Environmental Protection, Quality, Sustainability, Operational Excellence, Research & Development, Technical Services, Products Application, Innovation and Engineering.

Martino was born to an Italian mother and father, has a younger sister, and was raised in the South of Italy. He attended the University of Messina (Italy), the Louisiana State University (USA) and holds several internationally recognised certifications for the energy and manufacturing sectors.

He is married with two kids, and he is highly active at work (as CTO) and in private life with sports and community activities.

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World-class sustainable solutions for labelling & packaging

All4Labels’ CTO, Massimiliano Martino, reveals how technology drives sustainability across the entire value-chain for the packaging and labelling industry