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Guy Dulberger

Chief Information Security Officer at Ritchie Bros

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Guy Dulberger serves as the Chief Information Security Officer at RB Global, leading the global strategy in cybersecurity, network security, and information security for the world's largest industrial auctioneer and marketplace. He's a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience, leveraging his expertise to build and manage high-performing teams and systems that fortify the company's data, technology, and brand integrity against dynamic threats and risks.

Guy's professional journey has been marked by impactful leadership roles in diverse industries and companies. He has lent his expertise to companies such as Maru/Matchbox, The Carlyle Group, Diversified Global Asset Management, Morneau Shepell, and IBM. Each experience has contributed to Guy's multifaceted skill set and comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity's critical role across different sectors.

Graduating from Mohawk College with a diploma in Computer Science, specializing in networking and hardware, Guy laid the foundation for his tech career. His academic prowess was further complemented by a Leadership and Management Certificate from Wharton, which equipped him with crucial skills in steering teams and initiatives effectively.

Certified as an Ethical Hacker and a Hacking Forensics Investigator from EC-Council University, Guy’s commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity is evident. His multifaceted skill set and educational background have allowed him to publish insightful articles on cybersecurity topics, serve as an advisory board member at EC-Council University, and participate as a governing body member at Evanta, contributing extensively to the industry. Passionate about leveraging innovation, collaboration, and talent development to solve complex business challenges, Guy actively engages in advising peers on cybersecurity issues and exploring cutting-edge technologies. His dedication extends beyond professional endeavors. When not immersed in the world of cybersecurity or spending cherished moments with his wife and three children, Guy indulges in diverse interests such as literature, brisk walks, golf, electronics tinkering, music appreciation, culinary adventures, travel escapades, and the sheer joy of driving. Guy’s journey from academic excellence to comprehensive certifications and professional achievements underscores his commitment to cybersecurity and his vibrant, multifaceted approach to life's pursuits.