Improving Americas nutritional bases...

Team Foods is raising its leadership among consumers within the food industry in Latin America with products that integrate quality, nutrition and sustainable elements 


Entrepreneurial Innovations

     As part of its business innovations, Team Foods plans to expand its new brands in Latin America, especially in Mexico and Chile, where the company has commercial offices.

    "With innovation, we have established ourselves as a pillar of profitable growth for our operations in Colombia, Chile and Mexico. We also have established an area of new business development," said Luis Alberto Botero, President of Team Foods for the Andean region.


Competitive Differentiators

In addition to its constant innovations, Team Foods has been characterized by its investment in research and development, upgrading their machinery and processes with the most advanced technology in the industry and has established its permanence as a leader in the Colombian market.

    "We are still very young in Mexico and Chile but we have ongoing investments in technology and brand innovation, and are at an excellent level in the development of our products," Botero said.

    The company has invested in improving its brands according to the needs in new markets and industries while ensuring a sustainable operation. One example of this effort has been the introduction of brands such as Mestre and Kardámili in restaurants and bakeries.

    "We have become leaders in the field of butter and cooking oil in Colombia, Mexico and Chile, and this has positioned us as competitive players in the industry of lipids," he added.


Sustainable Development

"A core value of the company is our environmental value," Botero said. Team Foods has three programs to ensure a friendly production environment.

- Program to reduce the carbon footprint.

- Program to reduce solid waste.

- Program to optimize the use of water and energy.


Selecting Suppliers

Team Foods has firm strategic alliances with suppliers of raw materials, as well as cardboard, plastic and energy providers.

     In logistics, ethics go beyond price and trade proposals. Trust, ethics, transparency and integrity are the basis of the relationships built between suppliers and Team Foods.

    "With these criteria we have remained constant over time, we believe we have the best suppliers that an industry can have, and they are fundamental in our development," Botero said.


Goals for 2023

The realization of Team Foods’ dream will meet its first phase in 2023, the year in which they hope to substantially increase the size and profitability of the company and shareholders. To achieve this goal, the team is constantly innovating its brands and renewing 20 percent of the portfolio.


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