RISA: Pioneering spirit, commitment and social responsibility in Brazilian agribusiness...

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Aware of its role in environmental preservation, the company understands the importance of sustainability, considering socio-economic and ecological factors so that progress can co-exist harmoniously.

Acting in a region where agribusiness is the engine of the economy, RISA argues that sustainable development must meet the needs of the citizens without compromising the quality of life of future generations. To this end, the company is always providing information and fostering practices that prioritize the enjoyment of the environment as a source of wealth, seeking access to environmental education for all.

On the conflicts between economic growth and the depletion of environmental resources, RISA is available to discuss proposals with groups of interested institutions and organisations to complete projects in favour of sustainability and of other interests related to environmental preservation.

In search of better outcomes, RISA has an excellent relationship with its employees and maintains a friendly relationship with their customers and suppliers. Since entrepreneurs began understanding the context of globalization and changes in industries, the company became concerned with the expectations of the citizens, consumers, public authorities and investors.



With 5 farms that produce based on new knowledge and constantly updated technology, RISA Agriculture operates in a line of work focused on quality in every way that an agricultural production requires, with a focus on operationalization of processes. Crops of soybeans and corn are worked on farms: Rio Verde (Loreto – MA), Fazenda Roseira (São Raimundo das Mangabeiras – MA), Fazenda Alice (Sambaíba – MA), Fazenda Tunísia (Uruçuí – PI) and Fazenda Ribeirão (Baixa Grande do Ribeiro – PI).

Each of the farms has a team of professionals qualified to carry out the most varied work in this area, taking care of the earth so that it gives its best. The company acts based on the idea that space and time influences income variability of crops. In addition, RISA is constantly monitoring industry trends, inserting new techniques for a better use of soil and using fertilizers and pesticides which provide more safety in production.


To facilitate the disposal of its production RISA Transport offers the best logistics, accelerating one of the most important steps for who serves on the agricultural market. Even with all the difficulties in the region, the agility of its services has been unique. It has overcome the lack of infrastructure, considerably changing the landscape of the transportation of agricultural products in the southern region of Maranhão and neighboring States. RISA is now recognised by experts and producers in this segment of the market.

The unit ensures the correct and safe transportation during the shift of production. With a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, the company also has an independent fleet, totaling more than 300 vehicles. Besides, RISA is the only company in Brazil that has a fleet of Tritrens, featuring 50 vehicles that allow greater flexibility in the marketing of grain. The Tritrens, an Innovation company, is the fruit of a partnership between RISA, Librelato and Volvo.


Through the acquisition of an Agrochemicals company, since 2010 RISA acts in fighting pests and diseases that threaten the profitability of producers through the commercialization of products that control invasive plants (herbicides), insects (insecticides), bacteria (bactericidal), mites (acaricides) and rats (rodenticides), in addition to the growth regulators which accelerate the maturing and flowering plants

Rational use and contributing to the quality of production can help avoid other problems caused by the excessive use of pesticides. Through the purchase and the guidance of the correct use of agrochemicals, the company has the same concern that investors have to avoid losses in farming, offering the best brands in fertilizers for their crops to be a success.


As the first and only supplier of fertilizers in southern Maranhão, this unit acts as an important support for the production of grain, being directly linked to agricultural productivity and food production. RISA Fertilizers is always on hand to support the producers of the region, contributing to the acceleration of production and ensuring positive results through the correct use of the products.


Following the agricultural process that is in constant acceleration, thanks to the launch of machines and equipment that are contributing to the profitability of products, RISA machines such as CASE, has the most modern machines. These can be acquired through simple negotiation and quick delivery to the agricultural sector. Investors don't lose time and work with greater safety and comfort.