Corporacion San Diego

Corporacion San Diego

A Sustainable and Self-sufficient Sugar Mill...

Renewing the Guatemalan sugar-cane industry with substantial energy and operations.


Suppliers With Value

Corporación San Diego has maintained the same company ethics with all business partners, including suppliers. Many of their raw material is essential in the daily life of the sugar factory, from cane (its primary input during a harvest cycle of six months) to international equipment.

      "Our suppliers have been very efficient and serviceable with us. In some cases, they have sacrificed part of their utility sales to meet our demands," he said.

      Additionally, the machinery that the company requires for daily activities, such as boilers, power generation equipment and milling material, has been imported from India, Japan, and England as a result of collaboration with foreign suppliers.


Energy Self-sufficiency

The family business experienced substantial growth after introducing a new business model: the cogeneration of energy (CHP). Around 30 percent of this resource is used for the plant’s self-consumption while the rest is used for external sales.

      Since early 2013, Corporación San Diego has commercialized their energy produced in the sugar factory in addition to resources purchased from generators. As a result, both the corporation and the generating company have increased profits thanks to the large amount of sales in Central America.

     San Diego has strengthened operations and reformed its international strategies with the opening of commercial branches in El Salvador with the opening of this new business in the energy sector,

       As for their exports, the corporation is conducting thorough market research in Mexico and Central America—where it expects to invest in the next couple of years.

      "Approximately 10 years ago, we started to sell energy. Last year, we sold more than 18 megawatts per hour and in the next two years we expect to sell 85 megawatts per hour," says Vila Giron.


A Responsible Sugar-Cane Mill

Guatemala holds a great importance for the family business, Therefore, its procedures are friendly to the environment and it supports the community with socially-responsible programs to improve their quality of life.

      "We want our partners, employees, suppliers, and even the government—but specially the surrounding communities— to perceive us as an efficient, highly responsible, and sustainable business," he says.

Ingenio Trinidad Production Goals

In 1980, the company produced 72 thousand tons of sugar. Now it produces more than 161 thousand tons of sugar cane during the harvest.

      "We hope to produce between 245 and 250 thousand tons of sugar in the next two years," says Vila Giron.


Commercial and Organic Expansion

In the past three years the company has been reaching positive numbers with the introduction of new businesses and their development in foreign markets. They are hoping to complete this expansion in 2016, begin the path of consolidation, and add new units or added value products such as alcohol and refined sugar.

      "We are convinced that a productive and efficient company can contribute to the welfare of its members, associates, and the community. In addition to this, we want to assist both the country and people with improvements," says Vila Giron.


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