Articles by Ellie Dean


MEPs rally for EU to encourage sustainable plant-rich diets

European Parliament committees are rallying for the EU to endorse diets higher in fruit and veg, arguing a variety of sustainable and ecological benefits


Sri Lanka struggles as the price of food suffers sharp spike

An economic emergency has been declared as Sri Lanka struggles to cope with the sudden sharp spike in food prices causing a surge in inflation

Orbisk to commercialise its system to tackle food waste

Netherlands-based Orbisk is readying its food waste system for commercialisation as the company’s solution to tackling the global issue gets the go-ahead


Greggs joins UK retailers suffering supply chain shortages

Bakery brand Greggs has become the latest retailer within the UK to suffer supply shortages as ongoing disruption gets pinned on Brexit and the pandemic


UK food waste rises as pre-lockdown levels make a return

Following an initial 43% drop during the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK's food waste levels are beginning to creep back up as concerns rise over climate change


The crucial role the food sector plays in sustainability

Innovation in the food industry is key to ensuring prolonged sustainability. But how important is the sector in the upkeep of a global environmental focus?


M&S: a brief look at its sustainability

British retailer M&S has recently published its first book on food sustainability. But what has its sustainable journey looked like over the years?


US Food Companies fail to meet 100% cage-free promises

A number of US food companies have come under fire as they fail to meet expectations to source 100% cage-free eggs by their 2021 deadline