Givaudan harnesses AI & data to shape the future of food

Givaudan harnesses human intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI), and comprehensive, forward-looking data to better anticipate & shape the future of foo

Forming an important part of its 2025 digital strategy, Givaudan has launched its Customer Foresight futures-caping platform.

Built in-house at the company’s digital factory in France, the platform harnesses human intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI), and comprehensive, forward-looking data to anticipate tomorrow's challenges, foresee consumer expectations, and create winning food experiences. 

Being an industry first, Customer Foresight is able to identify early indications regarding impending future market shifts that will impact the food and beverage industry. The platform is designed to support customers in understanding, planning for, and addressing disruptive changes in consumer desires. It also guides strategic planning and leads co-creation opportunities. 

As the AI becomes smarter, Customer Foresight will have the ability to anticipate what’s to come a decade from now. 

“We’re dedicated to helping our customers understand and unravel the complexities of consumers’ evolving needs and expectations. I’m truly excited about the limitless applications and use cases that Customer Foresight will provide. Our experts are able to gain insight and foresight into any future food or beverage opportunity. Their resulting foresight can include anything from customisable and transversal future scenarios, to visualised target personas brought to life virtually,” said Louie D’Amico, President of Taste & Wellbeing, Givaudan.

Announced during the first half of 2022, a select group of customers in different markets have been helping with the development of Customer Foresight, testing it from end-to-end. “The powerful results from the pilot led to forward-thinking, new experience concepts based on data-driven foresight and futures-caping prowess,” said Givaudan.

The platform has now been rolled out with the company globally, being utilised for key opportunities and thresholds. “Givaudan's exclusive AI-enabled capability will continue to evolve through data enrichment and deep learning to create unique and disruptive innovations as it anticipates what is to come in the years ahead,” the company concluded. 


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